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Post by Williams on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:08 pm

[LSPD] New Chief Inserted W7iru8

Los Santos Police Department Press Release Announcement
New Chief Inserted

Dear citizens of San Andreas,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I may announce that a new chief of the Los Santos Police Department has been appointed. The new chief appointed is me, Frank James Williams, and I have recently accepted my new position in the Government faction, LSPD.
There is a few things I must mention within this press release: the probably most frequently asked question at the moment is; "What changes occur?" --- I won't be performing too many changes, as I think the current Police Department establishments work fine already. Although I've made quite a few changes; the application form of recruitment has been changed and the recruitment process. A new administration panel of the LSPD will be announced in the upcoming future; captains and above. The SIU unit and the Internal Affairs unit will be lead personally by me; although the SWAT team's captain and leader will be appointed very soon. At the moment we're looking for a FTO captain, whom will be found soon enough.
At final I want to greet every single one of you, and feel free to drop by the precinct and ask as many questions as you'd like to. We'd love to support you! And remember! We are here to protect you and your relatives! Take care, San Andreas!

Frank James Williams,
Chief of the Los Santos Police Department.

Frank James Williams,
Los Santos Police Department

LSPD Chief
LSPD Chief

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